publication redesign

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On the Record
Washtenaw Community College

redesign (above right)

CONCEPT | As a designer, I imagine a coffee-table sized film publication, devoting a full spread devoted to this film student.

LAYOUT | Parallel typographical columns depict strength and support — a style that matches this director spotlight. Even the captions demand your attention. Wide inside/outside margins center the columns and create space to draw the reader in.

TYPOGRAPHY | A crisp Didot title typeface adds elegance, while carefully kerned all caps call your attention. A simpler Garamond provides readability and doesn’t distract from the headliner.

PHOTOGRAPHY | A balancing act of text and imagery, the reader forms a full picture. Showing an action shot of her direction behind the scenes offers an insight into her process, as she both learns and creates. Full-bleed imagery falls off the page, while more attention to cropping (or not) highlights with intention.

IMPACT | The power of a strong layout serves to highlight the subject while allowing the reader to focus on the story.

The longer you can hold the gaze of your readership, the more they’ll look forward to your next publication.

Do you have your reader’s attention?

Text, photography, and redesign by Jessica Bibbee.