In my work, I use graphic design to breathe life into content — and so bring content to life. Design is in everything we lay eyes to, yet good design is an invisible layer that delivers effortlessly.

No matter the content, I will work with you to create a product that tells your story the way you want your audience to hear — and see — your ideas.

publication design

Typography, grid, content — just a few of the tools that bring results.

The power of composition delivers beauty that engages, while quietly resolving any questionable technical aspects to enhance readability.

I know I’ve done my job well when a client — or their customer — loves their work.

Listening to their needs, I then translate their goals into effective collateral.

simplicity sets the spotlight
project goal: simple | modern | photocentric

Haifa Falafel • Print Menu | Wall Menu

When you’re hungry, you want to quickly make your selection, not lose yourself in a maze of text.

A well-designed menu is ready to please — both easily navigable and visually appealing.

photography as design element

Skeptics Who See Things
Above is an example of how I use photography and typography to emphasize the meaning of your words.

event branding

Mastering event branding requires a comprehensive approach impacts all aspects of the event — design shapes the very project management of and the resulting event itself.

By guiding my clients to consider elements large and small, from marketing posters to online campaigns to artwork labels, I can help you anticipate what will engage your audience.

Branding / Identity for NE MN Creative Potluck — a community gathering of artists and artwork
SER Botanicals • Product/packaging concept ad

product design

You have a product. But do you have the market? Let me show your product in a world that invites your audience by addressing the following:

VISION & CONCEPT | from initial ideas to a finished product

BRANDING & IDENTITY |a logo and typeface that represents you and is versatile in any situation.

COLOR | be recognized. be remembered.

PHOTOGRAPHY | complementary imagery that sets you apart

ANALOG/DIGITAL | consider the opportunities to engage with your opportunities online and off

web design

In today’s world, you need to be responsive.

Is your online presence as ready to accommodate your user as you are committed to their needs?

By taking the time to explore your product through a variety of lenses, let me help you deliver consistency of quality — no matter where you do it.

Honda Responsive
Responsive Web Design | Honda Concept


A subtle movement can add intrigue — and increase viewership.

Let’s get your 2-D moving.